• For pools up to 100m³
  • Polishes the water with amazing results
  • Fast acting clarifier
  • Phosphate remover
  • Improves filtration efficiency
  • Suitable for Sand and Glass filters
  • Backwash and rinse your filter.
  • Remove from packaging and place WonderGel in the pump basket (NOT in the skimmer).
  • Run the pump for 24 hours or until the pool water is clear.
  • Backwash and rinse your filter again.
  • Keeps working for up to one month.
  • For extremely cloudy pool repeat the procedure again
  • Ensure correct water balancing
  • Chlorine 1-2ppm
  • pH – 7.2-7.6, STABIIZER 30-80PPM



High strength combination clarifier.
Very simple to use.
Increases filter efficiency.
Made from nature’s natural clarifier – chitosan.
Removes inorganic & organic matter.
Helps remove metals & sun tan oil from water too.
Works up to one month even when dissolved.





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