Rapid Action Chlorine Granules for general swimming pool water disinfection and Shock treatments.


  • Rapid Dissolve
  • Disinfection
  • Fast acting Shock
  • Stabilizer


Maintenance Dosage

  • For a 50m3 swimming pool add between 50-100g of Power Chlor per day as required to the skimmers with the pump running
  • A Free Chlorine residual of 1-2ppm is required to maintain correct swimming pool sanitation
  • In extreme temperatures or heavy bather load increase the dosage accordingly

For Cloudy/Green Pools

  • A Shock treatment is necessary
  • For a 50m3 swimming pool add 500g of Power Chlor to the skimmers while the pump is running
  • Resume swimming ONLY when chlorine residual has returned to normal 1-2ppm


10kg, 25kg


  • Do not mix with any other chemicals
  • Contact with acid will liberate toxic gas
  • Harmful if swallowed
  • Seek medical advice immediately
  • Keep only in original container
  • In case of fire do not breathe fumes
  • Store with container closed in a dry place