Super Concentrated. The professional choice of water clarifiers


  • Super Concentrated
  • Will not affect pH balance
  • Coagulates suspended matter and polishes the water


For Cloudy Pools

  • Ensure ph is 7.2-7.6
  • Shock pool with a chlorine based product or use ‘Shock n Swim’ to eradicate chloramines in pool water
  • For a 50m3 pool, mix 1 litre of WonderClear Premium in a bucket of water and distribute around the perimeter of the pooll
  • Run pool pump for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight
  • Backwash Filter
  • If problem persists repeat the same procedure




Always ensure that your pool is correctly balanced
Chlorine 1-2ppm, ph 7.2-7.6, Cyanuric Acid (Stabiliser) 30-80ppm